Fees and Appointments


My fees are £70 for individuals and £75 for couples for a 60 minutes session.

Payment is by bank transfer that is carried out prior to the session.

Corporate/organisational rates on request.


Sessions are usually carried out once a week or every other week. Sometimes less regular sessions are appropriate dependent on circumstance. We can either book a fixed number of sessions, say six and agree to work within that number of sessions or we work on what’s called a rolling basis. This involves booking four sessions for example and then reviewing the situation. If we feel the sessions are no longer needed we can then, finish, if we think more are needed we can book them in. The first option is helpful if you are working to a budget, the second option is useful in allowing flexibility regarding the number of sessions needed.

Appointments are available daytime and evening Monday to Friday. Please call to enquire about the consultation hours that suit you.